Wednesday, April 6, 2011

General Festivities!

Hello friends and family! We are getting married and want to celebrate that with all of you!

The wedding is going to be a picnic-style sunset celebration in Ruth and Rich Burton's scenic backyard. This means you will be sitting on blankets, so dress accordingly (we will have some seating for our beloved elders and those with hip upgrades)!

After the ceremony, we will be serving desserts and snacks to go along with the music, dancing, toasting, slide show, and fire pit with s'mores. We may decide to throw in some other activities as the date approaches, so check back in every now and then:)


The wedding is an evening picnic, so think "classy evening picnic/garden party wear". We want everyone to be comfortable enough to sit down on blankets for the ceremony, but also look nice (it is a wedding, after all;)) Think sundresses, slacks, etc. No shorts or jeans, no black tie. 


There will be parking space along the driveway, as well as at the nearby rental property. There will be signs and a parking assistant to guide you. However, this space is not infinite and the fewer cars we need to pack in the better, so try to carpool with other guests if at all possible. And remember, country roads are curvy, so drive safe!:)


13576 Lower Colfax rd
Grass Valley, Ca 95945

If you're accustomed to Google Maps at all, The best thing we can suggest is simply plugging your starting address and the wedding address into the directions feature and let Google do it's magic.

However, we've attached a map of the location below, so if you're not going to Google Map/MapQuest the directions, we suggest taking a gander at it before heading out to avoid getting lost on our long winding country roads. ;)

As a precautionary tale, Ruth and Rich's home is located in the country, so cell service can be spotty and it might not be possible to call in for directions if you get lost...

We will have signs up at the Laws Ranch Cross Rd / Hwy 174 intersection, and shortly after that when Laws Ranch t's into Lower Colfax rd. However as a heads up, we can not stress enough that you must veer left when you reach Lower Colfax, not right. Left left left! This has proven difficult for guests in the past... Of course we're sure you'll all be perfectly fine ;)

As mentioned in the invites, the house is about 1 mile down Lower Colfax on the Left.

We promise it's not as hard to find as we're making it seem, we just don't want to miss any of you!

Sarah and Jared

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Friday, April 1, 2011


As the weekend is a holiday weekend, lodgings are getting scarce, so if you will need overnight accomodations, find them soon!:) There are plenty of really cute B&B's, inns, hotels, and guest houses around the area. Other towns within easy driving distance are Auburn, Colfax, and Nevada City. Some websites to use:

We can't wait to see you all!

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